Toilet-Wipes Pack of 18



The first ever toilet wipe roll, unscented, chemical free, all natural and flushable. The HEALTHY and SANITARY alternative to the traditional toilet paper. The most hygienic way to clean as recommended by doctors. The design and concept is patented by the Go Fresh Group. Toilet wipes is all about taking personal hygiene seriously. The wipes are hypoallergenic, fragnance free and flushable. Toilet Wipes is the way to feel fresh. Recommended by doctors and medical physicians.


• Hypoallergenic, fragnance free and flushable wipes.
• Long lasting freshness and hygienic feeling
• Helps cut risk of disease by eliminating bacteria
• Soft to the skin and moisturizing wipes avoid rashes or fixtures
• Odor control by thorough rinsing without use of water
• Environment friendly and economical.


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