Discreet Pack of 16



A unique and dynamic incontinence underwear with high absorbency levels and pure com fort. Each underwear
conveniently comes with a pouch of three hypoallergenic, fragrance free wash cloths. The dynamic underwear
makes it easy, convenient and comfortable to use at the same time saving money. The concept and design is
patented by the Go Fresh Group. Whether on the go, at home or a bed ridden patient, having the wash cloths
readily available is very important in order stay fresh all the time. Doctors highly recommend Discreet for adults
with prostate disorders, piles, urology problems and diabetics. It is also recommended for patients who are
paralyzed, bedridden or disabled.


◆ Up-to 8 hours of protection, High Absorbency, Waist elastic.
◆ Soft and comfortable waist panel helps in discreet fit.
◆ Contours to your body for a comfortable fit like a real underwear.
◆ High polymer lock layer quickly absorbs liquid and lockswater
◆ Best for moderate to heavy incontinence protection.
◆ Pull-ups may be put on and taken off just like normal underwear. Easy removal of the usedproduct.
◆ Wash Cloths, Each Discreet underwear comes with a pouch of three super soft hypoallergenic wash
cloths which are conveniently placed on the underwear for easy access .
◆ Ultra Soft and Pure Cotton Touch, Taking better care of one’s skin. Quick-absorbing layers keep the
surface dry making it anti-rash.
◆ Odour Control, The Targeted absorption system allows odour control by having high retention
capacity inside the core.


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